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Restoring the Joy of Medicine

Restoring the Joy of Medicine

Ascension Medical Group’s promise is to create the nurturing environment that restores the joy of practice and enables a community of providers to deliver outstanding results by empowering physician leadership and connecting all clinicians to their vocation of healing and service.

Ascension clinicians will be most fulfilled when they are fully integrated as unique individuals (mind, body, and spirit), members of their community, and professionals serving their patients. While clinicians began their careers with the aspiration of healing patients, all too often they do not feel supported in this work; which can cause disengagement and burnout.

Burnout not only impacts clinicians, but also their families, patients and the health organization of which they are aligned. It is important to note that burnout and professional satisfaction are not solely the responsibility of the clinician. While it would be easy to pursue a narrow list of “solutions” such as stress management workshops and individual training in mindfulness/resilience, studies have found that such strategies neglect the organizational factors that are the primary drivers of physician burnout.

Therefore, Ascension’s comprehensive strategy and deliberate actions focuses on three domains (culture of wellness, efficiency of clinical practice, and personal resilience). This balanced approach is intended to promote an environment that supports and enriches clinicians and includes:

  • Identifying ways to advance and monitor interventions that nurture clinician well-being, engagement and satisfaction.
  • Assessing and monitoring clinician well-being.
  • Investing in leadership development

Maintaining a healthy work environment and culture was important to Ascension’s founders. They recognized how important it was to promote clinician wellbeing long before the term was ever coined – and in their footsteps, we commit to creating a tangible cultural change that supports and celebrates our clinicians, ultimately restoring the joy of practice.